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5 Sun Protection Tips for Summer

Published on June 20, 2018 by
Summer skin care

Before you know it we will be spending more time outdoors enjoying the beautiful summer months. Whether we are gardening, hiking, relaxing at the beach, or diving into the pool, all these activities mean our skin is more exposed and at risk. While the sun is a great source of Vitamin D, we must protect our skin from the harmful UV rays.

Since most of us don’t want to stay indoors, especially during the summer, here are 5 sun protection tips that will help protect your skin.


UV rays are present during ALL seasons and all weather, and can penetrate light colored, thin fabrics and windows. Winter, stormy days, or driving are not an excuse to not use sunscreen. Use a daily moisturizer and makeup with SPF already in it. Leaving a bottle of sunscreen in your car is a great way to make sure you never get caught without sun protection.


Take plenty of breaks from the direct sun and head into the shade. Remember that UV rays are strongest during 10AM-4PM, so choose shelter as much as possible during this time. Sit in the shadow of a palm tree, or bring your own beach shade or umbrella preferably with added UV protection. Wide brim hats are also a great way to protect yourself.


If you don’t use the right sunscreen, then you won’t get the protection you need. All sunscreens have an expiration date, so check the dates and throw away any that have expired. Choose a broad-spectrum, water-resistant SPF 30 or higher. We recommend the Corrado Advanced Skincare System which offers an excellent sunscreen which can be used daily.


Apply evenly to all exposed skin 15-30 minutes before going outside. Diligently reapply every 2 hours, or after swimming and sweating. A great option for easily reapplying is to purchase a loose powder sunscreen that can be applied with a brush. This works best for times when you are not at the beach or pool or sweating.


Any change in skin color from sun exposure is a sign of damage. Avoid tanning beds at all costs. If you simply cannot handle your skin tone, get a fake tan. Skin cancer is not worth the Coppertone Tan. Apply a little bronzer, a self-tanning lotion, or get a spray tan!

These tips should be followed year-round, but especially in the coming summer months when we are outdoors much more often.