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Rhinoplasty Revision in Cherry Hill

Published on June 25, 2013 by

There are a wide range of techniques that surgeons employ to fix a nose job. These techniques include either a functional or open approach. Generally the procedure is done with the patient under some type of anesthesia because revision surgery will probably involve cartilage grafting. Depending on the type of repair, patient recovery may be long or short. It is important patients enter into a consultation with their revision surgeon with specific goals in mind. Before and after photos from your previous nose job may be helpful to chart a new treatment plan for the repair.

One of the toughest challenges any cosmetic surgeon faces is a revision or secondary rhinoplasty reconstruction. Also known as repairing the work done by an inexperienced plastic surgeon, a revision rhinoplasty is done to a nose where a green surgeon has taken too much away from the nose or has failed to adequately build up the internal supporting structures. This procedure is then performed in order to restore the natural appearance and enhanced functionality of a previously failed nose job.

Even if you have had a nose job that was not quite what you expected, a revision rhinoplasty can help restore the natural symmetries to your face.