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Plastic Surgery Practice Philosophy Philadelphia

First, I would like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to gain your trust and confidence, and ultimately be your surgeon. I realize that choosing a surgeon is an extremely personal decision. The surgeon must be skilled, intelligent, honest, and easy to talk to. They have to be patient and take the time to learn about your concerns and needs. You have to really like your surgeon, and above all else, you must trust your surgeon implicitly. I believe that my practice can provide you with all these qualities that all patients deserve. Below is a brief synopsis of the key elements in my practice philosophy.

Physician Integrity

As all physicians do at the culmination of our medical education, I took the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath is an oath traditionally taken by physicians pertaining to the ethical practice of medicine. In this oath, I pledged to “Above all, do no harm”. Plastic surgery is considered “vanity surgery.” In our practice, we realize that our services not only affect patients’ appearance, but also their confidence and general feelings about themselves. Working together, we can create a plan to best achieve a beautiful and realistic end result. That being the case, I strive to make certain that we provide all patients with ethical and honest opinions in their consultations. It is paramount that a high moral character is maintained in our profession. At times our professional opinions might not be consistent with our patient’s desires. I would prefer to turn a patient away and then return to see me “when the time is right” rather than perform a surgery that is unnecessary or not indicated. I feel this is what it truly means to be a “good doctor”.

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Patient Safety

Cosmetic surgery is an extremely exciting experience for all our patients. Though, we must remember that it is “elective surgery.” Elective surgical procedures are beneficial to the patient but do not need to be done at a particular time, as opposed to urgent or emergency surgery. Whenever decisions to proceed to surgery are made, the patient’s safety is always my ultimate priority and concern. There is no substitution for diligence and precision when a patient’s life and well-being are in your hands. From the preoperative assessments to our postoperative care, we strive to ensure all patients have a safe and enjoyable operative experience. Cosmetic surgery is “real surgery”, and as your surgeon, I take you and your health very seriously.

Patient Trust

Trust between a patient and their doctor is a key factor in promoting improved quality of life, compliance with treatment, and better health outcomes. Without trust, the patient-doctor relationship may not become firmly established, thus potentially hindering the physician’s ability to help patients. From the moment a patient walks into my office, I realize that patient is putting all their hope and trust in me to make their dreams and goals a reality. I understand that the patient trusts me with their physical as well as mental well-being. Therefore, it is my job to never let you down. I strive from your first consultation to establish a trust which will allow us both to be most successful in attaining your surgical goals.

Natural Appearing Results

My ultimate concern is that my patients and I share the same goals for their care. As a team, we can create a plan to best achieve a beautiful and realistic end result. While I think that every patient should have the result they are seeking, I also believe in attaining that goal in a natural appearing way. I believe the purpose of cosmetic surgery is to allow us to look more youthful and refreshed. I do not believe in overdone results or wearing our cosmetic surgery as a “trophy.” I want my patients to attain natural beauty, which never reveals the work of a surgeon’s knife. I want my facelift patients to appear “well rested,” not “windswept”. I want my rhinoplasty patients to gain a nose that is in harmony with their face, not a “one size fits all cookie-cutter” nose. Inner and outer beauty occurs naturally, and I will help you to reach these goals with the most natural appearing results as possible.

Thank you for letting me participate in your care,

Dr. Anthony C. Corrado

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