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Facial Reconstruction

Traumatic injuries, removal of facial cancers, and other disfigurements can lead a patient to seek facial reconstruction. Reconstruction may involve correction of defects involving the skin, the facial soft tissues, or the facial bones. Dr. Corrado is a board-certified facial reconstructive surgeon in the Cherry Hill, New Jersey area who can help to reconstruct facial defects to allow patients to return to their normal appearance.

Candidates for facial reconstruction

Candidates for facial reconstruction are seeking the correction of a visible facial flaw, which can include:

  • Facial pits, divots, or larger areas where tissue or cartilage was removed in cancer treatment
  • Facial scar revision
  • Facial damage from trauma, such as car accidents
  • Repairing facial defects caused by surgical errors
  • Repair of a nasal fracture to restore a straight, even nose structure
  • The correction of congenital facial defects

Each patient poses a different and unique reconstruction dilemma. Dr. Corrado will discuss and formulate a unique plan for facial reconstruction during your consultation.

Repairing facial defects: choosing your surgeon

Restoring a natural facial appearance is extremely important to many individuals, and finding the right doctor is equally important. Dr. Corrado is among the most educated, skilled facial reconstruction surgeons practicing in the Philadelphia area. He is board-certified both as a facial plastic surgeon and otolaryngologist (head and neck surgeon). His background in practicing the art of facial reconstruction has given him the skills and techniques to treat a range of facial defects and restore the most natural look possible.

Common areas treated:

  • Repair of facial defects after facial skin cancer removal
  • Scar revision
  • Repair of facial defects caused by traumatic accidents
  • Repair of facial defects after surgery
  • Repair of nasal fractures

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Step one: meet with us

The first step in achieving restoration of your facial skin, tissue, or structure is a private consultation with Dr. Corrado. This in-person consultation will allow him to evaluate your condition and advise you of the surgical procedure that will produce the best outcome for your case. Dr. Corrado has built his practice on integrity, honesty, and superlative results, and he genuinely cares about his patients, their quality of life, and their ability to go through life with confidence knowing that their face is free of defects.

Types of facial reconstruction techniques

Dr. Corrado performs various procedures, including:

  • Nasal reconstruction
  • Ear reconstruction
  • Skin cancer facial reconstruction
  • Skin grafting
  • Complex facial reconstruction to repair serious facial trauma
  • Tissue grafting
  • Autologous fat grafting

Treatments often go hand-in-hand with other procedures to achieve optimal results, such as laser skin resurfacing once the treated area is healed.

Dr. Corrado understands the importance of achieving a natural look and resolving facial defects that impact the confidence and quality of life of individuals.

Why choose Dr. Corrado for facial reconstruction?

The outcome of your treatment is of utmost importance, and you want to be confident that you are under the care of a plastic surgeon with extensive experience and a reputation for excellence in facial plastic surgery. Dr. Corrado is an exceptionally talented facial plastic surgeon dedicated to helping his patients live a confident life. Your treatment will be performed at his private clinic in Cherry Hill, NJ, where you will be comfortable and cared for with attention and discretion.

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