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Chapter II

Facial Plastic Surgery Becomes Mainstream

Once thought to only be a luxury of the rich and famous, facial cosmetic surgery is now accessible to everyday society more than ever before. With the advent of modern techniques in this field of medicine, procedures have evolved which make cosmetic surgery more available to everyone. Minimally invasive techniques allow for impressive results with decreased downtime, as well as decreased cost.

Such added values allow prospective patients to fit image improvement into their busy lives. We live in a health conscious society where people are living longer. The population is more concerned about diet, exercise, and leading more healthy lifestyles. Age has become more obsolete, as patients wish to look as young as they feel, not as old as they are. Socially, patients want to look their best. Economically, many individuals are using facial cosmetic surgery as a tool to stay competitive with the younger generation in today’s job market.

Facial cosmetic surgery has seen a surge in popularity over the last ten years due to its emergence on reality television. TV shows such as The Doctors, Doctor 90210, The Swan, and Real Housewives, have fueled a growing interest in the cosmetic surgery industry. Celebrity makeovers have made major news in popular tabloids, entertainment television, as well as social media.

As our world population continues to live longer, the demand to look our best will only allow for facial plastic surgery to be even more commonplace in our daily lives.

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