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It is my pleasure to share with you my thoughts on Dr. Anthony Corrado. I have scrubbed with him in surgery many times during his cosmetic surgery fellowship with us. Anthony is a gifted surgeon with a keen aesthetic eye. He also has the skills and experience to achieve great results for his patients. The natural and easy rapport he develops with his patients creates a perfect environment for making their dreams a reality.”
Dr. Andrew Ordon
Co-host of CBS television’s “The Doctors”


“After doing my “due diligence” and interviewing several well-known and recommended plastic surgeons in the New Jersey/Philadelphia medical communities, I chose Dr. Corrado to perform my cosmetic surgery. My choice was an informed one and in hindsight, the correct one. I wanted a natural result that left me looking like myself only without the visible signs of aging. Dr. Corrado is expert at creating a natural look and I could not be happier with the outcome.”
Carole Gold

Inspirational Speaker, Author, Coach & Talk Radio Host WWDB-AM 860
C Lift (Facelift, Necklift), Facial Fat Transfer


“I couldn’t have asked for a better experience with Dr. Corrado & his staff. They were very friendly and made me feel well taken care of every step of the way. Great service, great job…I would recommend Dr. Anthony Corrado to anyone.”

Torn Earlobe Repair

Before and After

“I knew from my first visit with Dr. Corrado that I would be a lifelong patient. He made me feel very relaxed and provided me with an in-depth understanding of Botox. I no longer look angry and love my results. Rest assured, you are in good hands with Dr. Corrado.”


Before and After

“I had a great experience with Dr. Corrado, and I highly recommend him. I had upper eyelid blepharoplasty, and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Dr. Corrado and his office made me feel extremely comfortable and calm from the very first visit. Having never had surgery of any kind before, I was very nervous, but as it turns out, I didn’t need to be. There was no pain, and my recovery went very smoothly, thanks to the level of care that I received from the doctor. I’ve already recommended Dr. Corrado to all of my friends, and he would be my only choice if I decide on future procedures.”

Upper Blepharoplasty

“I had put off having my rhinoplasty long enough. I had suffered a bad break to my nose (in 2004) that left me with trouble breathing, widening and deformity to the bridge of my nose. I had experienced so much pain during the healing process of my fracture that I became too nervous to let anyone touch it, in fear of pain and making it only worse. After reading reviews and speaking with a friend who highly recommended Dr. Corrado, I knew it was now or never. I am about 6 months out of my procedure and am noticing changes every day!! I couldn’t be more happy with the outcome!! My confidence, as well as my breathing has improved dramatically! I love showing off my new nose, thank you Dr. Corrado! Highly recommended by me.”

Cosmetic & Functional Rhinoplasty

“The Juvederm procedure was a breeze, his technique was painless, and placement of the filler seemed pretty flawless compared to my experience a couple of years ago with nasal labial folds. This inflammation post-procedure seems more normal, and certainly easy to cover with makeup. There is no obvious ‘I just had filler put in my face’ look after 24 hours, or even immediately. Just before I left the office I examined once more in the mirror because it looked so great- I was in disbelief! He had placed 2 syringes just above the “fat pad” of my cheeks to help with my under eye hollowed area. I can finally stop trying every cream/concealer/serum/laser available on the market to help with under eye puffiness. Looking forward to enjoying this for months to come!”


“I recently had a Lift and fat transfer done by Dr. Anthony Corrado and I would highly recommend him to anyone who is thinking about getting facial cosmetic surgery. I found him to be an intelligent and very skilled surgeon who is also a genuinely nice person. At first I was very reluctant to go through with my plan to improve and refresh my appearance and my husband said I really didn’t need to do anything so he was against it. I wanted to do it for myself, therefore I didn’t really tell him about it until the last minute. I am a teacher and I did my homework before selecting a doctor. After consultations with 3 other surgeons in South Jersey I was not sold on getting the procedure done. One doctor said I would have to go to PA to have the surgery done because that is where his surgery center is located. Another doctor said she had work done on her own face, but it did not look good to me. The third doctor was also very brief and formal. His ears needed to be pinned back. I thought to myself- If he can do this procedure why wouldn’t he fix his own ears? I was discouraged by all of them! Then I went to consult with Dr. Corrado and it did not take long for him to make me feel at ease. I was also glad he only did facial surgery, because his focus would be more precise. He definitely had the right combination of knowledge, concern, and ability to communicate effectively. When I looked at his educational background, references, and awards my mind was made up. I went ahead with my procedure and am very glad I did. Dr. Corrado met and exceeded all of my expectations and his staff is so nice. I had very little pain and only took one pain pill after my surgery. Dr. Corrado is a talented doctor with a great personality. He even won over my husband. (and that was hard to do!) I am so happy I chose him as my surgeon.”

C Lift (Facelift), Facial Fat Transfer

“Dr.Corrado is the best Plastic Surgeon I have ever met having great knowledge with extremely high standards and very detail oriented skills. And his staff is so helpful and friendly. I’m so glad I chose the right Doctor who has very gifted hands!”

“Dr Corrado performed Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty and Turbinate Reduction on me. From the first consultation I felt comfortable with him and knew he would be the one that I chose. He is compassionate, understanding and most of all he is honest not sugar coating any answers regarding the surgery. Appointments were easy to make, his staff is friendly and he is prompt seeing you at your appointment time. It has been almost six weeks since my surgery and I feel great, look great and most importantly can breathe! I plan on seeing Dr Corrado for future procedures and I highly recommend that others do as well!! He gets an A in my book!!”

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty, Turbinate Reduction

“I chose Dr Corrado to perform my surgery because I felt very comfortable with him during my consultation. His knowledge and detail of the procedure put me at ease. Dealing with his staff for appointments was great and he was always available to me before and after the surgery. He spent alot of time making sure all my questions were answered. My surgery results came out exactly as he said they would and I couldn’t be happier. I would highly recommend him for his professionalism, bedside manner and skill.”

Upper Blepharoplasty

“I had septoplasty/rhinoplasty surgery done back in January and I couldn’t be happier with the results. When I first met with Dr. Corrado he explained everything to me and answered any questions I had. His staff was also great with helping scheduling appointments for me. I would absolutely recommend Dr. Corrado. He’s one of the best!”

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty

“I had deep Nasolabial folds (creases along the nose) along with Marionette Lines (mouth area) that made me look tired, drained and plain worn out! I decided to do something about it!! I began my research and decided to find a Facial Plastic surgeon who specializes in “faces” I found Dr. Corrado , read the reviews and decided to go in for a consult. He listened closely to me and my concerns about my appearance, we discussed a few options that would have pleasing results, I decided on Juvederm , I couldn’t be more pleased with the results!! I highly recommend Dr Corrado for his compassion, bedside manor, and overall concern for his patients…”


“I wanted a mini facelift and did considerable research for months before I decided that Dr. Corrado was to be my surgeon. He specializes in facial cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. I wanted someone who did a lot of facial surgery, not someone who also did tummy tucks, breast implants, etc. Dr. Corrado did a mini facelift and fat transfer and my results are spectacular: natural, aesthetically pleasing, and definitely not “overdone”.. I’m less than 10 days since my surgery and only have a small amount of residual bruising and swelling. My stitches (now removed) in from of my ears are virtually undetectable. I had very little pain (only used pain meds for 2 days). Dr. Corrado is highly skilled, very personable, caring, and talented. I definitely made the right choice for my facial surgery!”

Mini C Lift (Mini Facelift), Facial Fat Transfer

“I had puffy areas on the top of my cheek bones that literally disappeared and my dark spots lightened while my skin tone improved overall. I was very pleased with the results and would recommend him to my friends. Doctor Corrado did a great job at making me feel at ease during the procedure and followed up with calls to ensure any questions I might have were answered.”

Facial Laser Resurfacing

“There are many fine plastic surgeons and Anthony Corrado is one of them. What makes him special is not only the wonderful results but the personalized and caring attention that he gives to his patients. He is a talented doctor and an empathetic person.”

C Lift (Facelift)

“When I first met Dr. Corrado I just knew he would take good care of me. His concern for my well being put me at ease and allowed me to relax and enjoy my amazing transformation. Thanks to him I now look as young as I feel, and I highly recommend him to anyone. You will love your new look.”

C Lift (Facelift)

“Dr. Anthony Corrado performed a facial rejuvenation procedure and rhinoplasty on me. I must say that the consultation was very pleasant and the procedure was painless. I highly recommend Dr. Corrado. His professionalism and impeccable work ethic have made him my favorite surgeon. I am extremely happy with the results I obtained and will gladly go back to him for any other procedure in the future.”

C Lift (Facelift), Rhinoplasty

“Working with Dr. Corrado has been one of the best decisions I have ever made! With his experiences and my hopes and dreams…we have succeeded together in making me a very happy and much younger looking grandmother of 8! Every step of the way, he made me feel comfortable with making my own decisions, with his suggestions and all have been successful. I get compliments quite often. Thank you Dr. Corrado! I would highly recommend your work to Anyone!”

C Lift (Facelift, Necklift), Lower Blepharoplasty

“Dr Corrado is just fantastic! I was very happy with my results. He is very compassionate & his “bedside manner” is perfect. He took the time to explain everything to me & answered all my questions. He made me feel very relaxed thru the surgery & all my appts. I would recommend him highly–he is definitely the best in his field! I have nothing but praise for Dr. Corrado.”


“Dr. Corrado does amazing work on the face. He is a highly trained and skilled surgeon. I have been very happy with the procedures he has done for me. I would definitely recommend Dr. Corrado.”

C Lift (Facelift)

“After having “interviewed” three plastic surgeons about the loose skin under my chin and neck area, I confidently chose Dr. Corrado and could not be happier for having gone that route. From the first appointment, he made me feel very comfortable, while ensuring all of my concerns and questions were addressed. Dr. Corrado’s credentials, training and experience are substantial and extensive, which assured me, for starters, that he was a most knowledgeable surgeon. Finally, knowing that he specializes in the area of my concern, coupled with the great importance he places on natural-looking results, I knew he was the surgeon in whom to place my trust. It was an excellent choice. I have since learned that he pays tremendous attention to detail, with regards to both my overall health and safety, as well as aesthetically. Beyond his education and experience, I feel he has true talent, “an eye”, and a craft. Additionally, Dr. Corrado’s office staff are nothing short of genuinely caring, attentive and professional. I feel simply wonderful, a better version of myself. For anyone looking to improve themselves in areas included in his practice, I could not give him a greater endorsement.”

Mini C Lift (Mini Facelift)

“I have been seeing Dr. Corrado for 2 years. I have had Botox, Juvederm and a face lift. He is the most caring doctor with an excellent bedside manner. Very patient and answers every question that you have.”

C Lift (Facelift, Dermal Fillers, Botox)

“First off, Dr. Corrado is a true artist. He is realistic about the procedures he preforms and delivers exactly what he says he will, only better! Dr. Corrado, Michelle and Pat truly care, they make you feel like you are their only patient. I wouldn’t trust anyone else.”

Rhinoplasty, Botox

“Best experience ever, changed my life for the better!”


“Both Dr. Corrado and his staff are fantastic. Excellent bedside manner from Dr. Corrado…always friendly and professional. Michelle is wonderful as well, and Pat at the desk is a doll. Always kind and accommodating when scheduling. My surgery went well and I’m pleased with the results. My follow up care was excellent. Dr. Corrado’s surgical environment where the follow care was done, is comparable to a hospital as far as cleanliness goes. I have referred others to Dr. Corrado and will return to him should I need/want further procedures.”

“Mini” C Lift (Mini Facelift)

“I have had Botox and also juvederm lip injections by Dr. Corrado. I started getting Botox about a year ago and every time has been amazing results with no side effects at all. Dr. Corrado makes sure everything you have done looks very natural. I was so pleased with the results I had from Botox I trusted him to do any procedure. I decided to get lip injections but was nervous because I didn’t want them to look fake. I couldn’t be happier with the results! He made them look extremely natural, and I had no side effects. I highly recommend Dr. Corrado, you won’t be disappointed! I will continue getting all my procedures done here. The office staff helps make you feel at ease and couldn’t be friendlier. It is a pleasurable experience every time.”

Botox, Lip Augmentation

“Dr. Corrado (and his assistant) have excellent bedside manner. Dr. Corrado spent considerable time answering all of my questions and alleviating my concerns about Botox. He is exceptionally personable. I’ve now received Botox twice and will be returning soon! I highly recommend Dr. Corrado for others considering Botox.”


“Dr. Corrado is an amazing doctor! He has a wonderful bedside manner, and he is extremely talented!! I have been going to him for years. I have also recommended friends and family to him. Everyone has felt the se way as I have! I am in the medical field, and trust me, I have done my homework! You won’t be disappointed. He is the best!!!”


“I was unhappy with my nose probably since the age of 12. Hook-like and too long. I had always wanted to change the appearance of it. After I had a minor incident that left me with a deviated septum, resulting in difficulty breathing, I knew it was finally time to take care of it. I had met with two other doctors before I finally found the one for me – Dr. Anthony Corrado. From the very first visit, I was completely comfortable with him and confident in his skills. He was very patient with me and all of my questions. He was very informative and very descriptive on what I should expect. Though my nose is not fully done healing yet (I had the rhinoplasty/septoplasty just 5 months ago), I am already seeing a HUGE difference. I have this confidence that I never could have had without Dr. Corrado’s talents. I am incredibly pleased with Dr. Corrado. On top of all that he offers as a plastic surgeon, he is also a really great fella.”

Rhinoplasty, Septoplasty

“He is a very caring man, also he is the best at what he does. I would recommend to anyone who wants cosmetic surgery to see Dr. Corrado. His before and after pictures are what convinced me to go see him. He is also a perfectionist, he is the best and the best part is he has no attitude problem. It’s like talking to a friend.”


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