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Should You Get Neck Lift Surgery?

If you are dissatisfied with the aesthetic appearance of your neck due to sagging skin or loose muscles that are making you feel older and less attractive, your look can be restored with our neck lift surgery in Philadelphia by Dr. Corrado. For the most natural results possible, a neck lift must be performed delicately with attention to detail by a surgeon with an eye for aesthetics and expertise in head and neck anatomy.

Dr. Anthony Corrado is an award-winning facial plastic and cosmetic surgeon serving the southern New Jersey and Philadelphia areas. His extraordinary surgical skills and depth of experience have made him one of the most sought-after facial plastic surgeons on the east coast, with patients traveling near and far to see him. He has built his practice on three main principles; physician integrity, patient trust, and patient safety. He believes in delivering natural-looking results and encouraging patients to feel good inside and out.

About Neck Lift Surgery

A neck lift in Philadelphia with Dr. Corrado can significantly improve the appearance of your neck by refreshing your appearance to shed years off of your overall facial profile. Depending on your aesthetic goals, along with the degree of skin laxity that you have, you can choose to combine a neck lift with neck liposuction to remove any submental fat that has been resistant to diet and exercise for a more comprehensive look. In order to perform a successful neck lift procedure, the underlying tissues need to be tightened without removing too much skin. An “overstretched” result can be avoided when you have a face specialist like Dr. Corrado performing your facial enhancement procedure.

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Am I A Candidate For Neck Lift Surgery?

Candidates for neck lift surgery usually have the following characteristics and concerns:

  • Sagging skin creating a “turkey neck”
  • Loose platysma muscles causing “neck bands”
  • Stubborn fat isolated to the neck resulting in a “Double Chin”

In addition to the physical characteristics of most neck lift candidates, patients should also be in good general health, non-smokers with a positive outlook, and realistic expectations for the procedure’s outcome.

Will my results look natural?

You may have seen a patient during your search for a surgeon who very obviously had a neck lift due to the “overdone” appearance. This not the goal at Corrado Center for Facial Plastic & Cosmetic Surgery. A properly performed neck lift surgery resolves the aesthetic concerns of saggy skin, tissue, excess fat, and loose muscles while maintaining a natural appearance. Ultimately, the success of a neck lift procedure depends on the skills and training of your surgeon as well as a patient’s dedication to their recovery.

Dr. Corrado is a known expert in facial aesthetics and has spent several years studying the nuances of the head and neck. If your neck is looking saggy and aged, we invite you to schedule a private consultation with Dr. Corrado to discuss a neck lift. Results after a neck lift may include:

  • A defined, sleeker jawline
  • A tightened muscle structure to improve the appearance of muscle bands
  • Removal of excess fat and skin for a slimmer look

What are my incision options for neck lift surgery?

Every patient has a unique facial structure and anatomy. The neck is no different, and for some patients, the neck area can start to show the signs of aging early on, while others may not see physical signs such as sagging skin, vertical bands, or stubborn fat beneath the chin until at least their 40s.

Because of this variation, when performing neck lift surgery in Philadelphia at his private practice, Dr. Corrado believes that each patient should have their procedure customized to resolve the full scope of their unique aesthetic concerns. For some patients, a traditional neck lift may be necessary to address their concerns fully, while others can achieve the improvements they desire with a limited incision neck lift.

If a patient is experiencing neck laxity and muscle “banding”, a small incision will be made under the chin, and the neck muscles are sutured together for a smoother and tighter appearance. Once the SMAS and neck muscles are tightened, any excess skin will be removed and tightened. After the incisions are made and any internal sutures are complete, the incisions are then delicately sutured for the best possible healing and least noticeable scars. A light bandage is then placed on the cheeks and neck to provide gentle compression in these areas. The next day, this dressing will be removed during your first post-operative visit and a new one will be applied on your departure.

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What Are The Types Of Neck Lifts?

Traditional Neck Lift

For the traditional neck lift, the incision is made in the hairline below the ear structure, outlines the front of the ear, and ends behind the ear.  Dr. Corrado takes extra care when placing incisions and sutures in order for his patients to avoid visible scars. During the neck lift procedure, any fat deposits are removed or sculpted for a more pleasing profile. The underlying tissue is then repositioned, and the muscle is tightened and stabilized with sutures to reduce the appearance of any vertical bands. Patients who have submental fullness on the neck and chin may require a small incision for liposuction and muscle tightening beneath the chin to create a more defined jawline.

Limited Incision Neck Lift

The limited incision neck lift is similar to the traditional neck lift but has a shorter incision placed around the ear only. This type of neck lift is perfect for a patient who does not require dramatic correction to address their mild to moderate aging concerns.

What will my neck lift recovery be like?

Following a neck lift in Philadelphia, the full results may not be visible until about six months post-procedure; however, noticeable improvements will be evident within a few weeks. After a neck lift surgery, swelling and bruising are usually evident within the first week or more after the procedure, continuing to reduce as time goes on. Any residual discoloration can be hidden with makeup in the weeks following your surgery.

How Much Does a Neck Lift Cost?

The cost of a neck lift surgery depends on various factors that are included in the cost, including:

  • Surgical complexity
  • Surgeon experience and expertise
  • Facility & anesthesia fees.

A neck lift surgery is highly customized according to the needs of each patient. Dr. Corrado will meet with you in a private consultation. During this time, he will examine your neck and skin and understand what your needs are and what the surgery will entail. He will design a surgical plan for you to achieve your cosmetic goals. This plan will include the exact price of your neck lift.

Because Dr. Corrado specializes in procedures such as a neck lift, his patients benefit from his outstanding expertise and results. As a reference point, the cost of a neck lift begins at $17,000. Please contact our office today and schedule a consultation to learn more about your neck lift.

What sets Dr. Corrado apart from other facial plastic surgeons?

  • For his entire career, Dr. Corrado has solely focused on cosmetic surgery of the face.

  • He is triple board-certified in both Facial Plastic Surgery, as well as Otolaryngology-Head & Neck Surgery, which gives him great skill and expertise in facial and neck surgery.

  • Dr. Corrado has trained with leaders in the field of facelift surgery in both Newport Beach and Beverly Hills, CA.

  • He has lectured at national symposia, and published articles in the medical literature on facelift techniques.

  • His practice philosophy hinges on patient safety and natural results.

If you are interested in a neck lift in Philadelphia and wish to learn more, contact us today and schedule a consultation with Dr. Corrado.

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What is the proper age to get a neck lift?

Much of this relies on genetics when it comes to deciding on the right age to get a neck lift. Whether you are in your 30s, 50s, or older, a drooping, sagging neck can be resolved with a neck lift regardless of your age.

Why is the surgical skill of your doctor so critical?

When performing any facial surgery, it requires more than education to produce the most beautiful result – it takes an eye for balance, beauty, and technical precision. Incision placement is an important issue, as no patient wants to be left with highly visible scars. When considering a neck lift, it is critical that you choose a surgeon who specializes in facial aesthetics and one that can also show you images of past patients who have undergone a neck lift.

Dr. Corrado’s Expertise

  • Cosmetic surgery fellowship at the Newport Beach Center for Surgery in Newport Beach, CA and The Roxbury Clinic in Beverly Hills, CA.
  • Residency completed at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey – Department of Otolaryngology/Facial Plastic Surgery.
  • Board certified in Cosmetic Surgery, Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery and Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery.

Will I need a hospital stay?

Neck lift surgery is typically performed on an outpatient basis. Since you will be sedated during the procedure, there will be a short period of rest in the recovery room. After this short period of observation and recovery, the patient can return home to rest. We ask that you arrange for a friend or family member to drive you home and stay with you for the first night post procedure, just like you would with any surgery.


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