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Facelift Recovery in Cherry Hill

Published on June 25, 2013 by

Plastic surgery is seeing record numbers of patients as people flock to find ways to look and feel great.In Cherry Hill, facelift surgery still rank toward the top of the cosmetic and reconstructive list of procedures. The main concern about a traditional facelift is the recovery time. Here is the truth about what to expect after a facelift.

While most patients experience very little pain, the surgeon will most likely prescribe post-operative medication. You will undoubtedly experience a certain degree of swelling and bruising and will generally be well handled with cold compresses.

Dressings will usually be removed within a day or two. When lying down, it will be important to elevate your head and avoid as much strenuous activity as possible. Any drainage tubes inserted during the surgery will probably be removed after the first day and sutures are gone within a week. For the best results for recovery, facelift patients should arrange for post-surgical support from family and friends. Patients should be aware that thousands of facelift procedures are performed every year and are ranked among the most successful and safest.

Most patients can get back to work within two weeks following a facelift operation. Because of the aesthetic nature of the procedure, facelift scars are easily hidden in the natural creases of the skin, under the hair, or by makeup. Facial plastic allows the surgeon to reconstruct many flaws that result from injury as well as signs of premature aging. These flaws can very often undermine self-confidence and cosmetically altering your appearance can go a long way to changing how you feel about yourself.

Insurance usually does not cover surgery that is not medically necessary, such as reconstruction following a trauma. However, surgery to correct a genetic deformity or other injury may be covered either in whole or in part. Recovery from a facelift is not nearly as burdensome as most people think and you can be up, and back to work in no time.