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Fat Grafting FAQ

Published on May 16, 2014 by


What would you consider an ideal facial shape to be?

An ideal face is one that is full and tight, lacking the sunken hollows that age often brings. With fat grafting, you can transfer fat to areas of the face that have become hollowed over time. The result is a fuller, more youthful face.


What is ‘framing the eye’ and how does it work with fat grafting?

Transferring fat to the area under the eye alleviates hollowness and thus eyes are more defined and framed against the face. Sunken eyes are a hallmark of aging, and fat transfer repairs this condition in a virtually painless procedure with little downtime.


Where on the face is fat transferred?

The entire face and temple area are ideal for fat transfer, and Dr Corrado of Philadelphia carefully assesses each patients’ volume loss to ensure the best result. Fat grafting can take place in several areas of the face, or in specific areas only.


Is the fat grafting process similar for men?

Though men only make up 10% of cosmetic surgery patients, they benefit just as greatly as women. Regardless of gender, fat grafting is performed in the same fashion with great results. Dr. Corrado has extensive experience performing this procedure with both men and women.


Facial Implants vs Fat Grafting

Implants have long been a solution for patients looking to correct sunken cheeks and weak chins, however, I believe fat grafting to be a more natural looking solution for both. It is far less invasive which leads to a shorter recovery time and decreased discomfort.

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