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Brow Lift Philadelphia

The forehead and eye brows are often the first areas to show signs of aging. The effects of age, genetics, gravity, lifestyle other environmental factors play a role in the aging of the upper portion of our face. Forehead wrinkles begin to develop causing the eyebrows to sag. Heaviness and sagging of the forehead/brow can give patients a tired or angry appearance. Descent of the forehead/brow complex can also cause the upper eyelid to appear heavy and droop.

For patients in Philadelphia and New Jersey, these lift techniques seek to improve this look by elevating the eyebrows to rejuvenate the eyes, improve hooding of the upper eyelids, and improve forehead wrinkles.

Before & After Browlift Photos
Before & After Browlift Photos
Before & After Browlift Photos

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Board certified plastic surgeons often utilize several techniques towards achieving forehead/brow rejuvenation. Doctors frequently employ the use of a surgical endoscope, a small operating “telescope”, which allows them to operate on this complex area through tiny incisions. The Endoscopic Forehead/Brow lift can be performed through five, ½ inch incisions which are hidden behind the hairline.

Dr. Anthony Corrado Discusses Aging

Forehead/Browlift Procedure Facts

Surgical Goals:

To restore the natural position of a sagging forehead and eyebrows and to smooth forehead wrinkles. To eliminate the perceived appearance of being tired, sad, or angry caused by drooping of the forehead and eyebrows. To rejuvenate the forehead and “open up” the upper eyelid.

The Procedure:

A variety of techniques are available to rejuvenate the forehead and eyebrow. Dr. Corrado will discuss with you which procedures are best for you. He will also discuss the specific procedure chosen with you. Many times the Endoscopic Forehead/Browlift can be performed, allowing the procedure to be completed through tiny incisions hidden in the hairline. On occasion, a surgical drain may be used. It will be removed on the following morning after surgery.


IV sedation or General Anesthesia based on patient preference.

Length of Time:

A forehead/browlift takes between 1-2 hours to perform, depending upon the type of lift. All procedures are performed in a fully accredited outpatient surgery center. Other procedures such as Blepharoplasty (Eyelift), Midface Lift, Laser Resurfacing, Chemical Peel, or Facial Fat Grafting may be performed at the time of surgery to complement your result.

After the Procedure:

All patients are sent home the night after surgery, and are given a set of post procedure instructions to follow. Overnight stay at the surgical facility can be provided for the patient at an additional cost if the patient so desires. The patient will follow up the next day for a post procedure check and removal of any drains. The patient will then follow up on the 7th post procedure day for stitch removal.


Recovery times range between 1-2 weeks. Patients may return to work as early as 1 week. Strenuous activity should be avoided for 2 weeks after the procedure. Bruising and swelling generally resolve within 1-2 weeks. There is usually some numbness (usually temporary) due to stretching of the sensory nerves in the region of the forehead. Postoperative pain is controlled with prescription pain medications, or Tylenol.