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Otoplasty Philadelphia

Otoplasty (Ear Pinning) is designed to correct protruding or disfigured ears in children and adults that live in New Jersey and the Philadelphia area. The shape, position or proportion of the ear may be corrected. The goal is creation of a natural shape and position, improving the balance and proportion between the ears and face.

Numerous surgical procedures are used to correct ear protrusion. The selection of a technique is based on the underlying cause of the protrusion. Some patients benefit from placing simple stitches in the ear cartilage to reposition the ears closer to the head, while other patients need cartilage removal. Often these procedures are performed in combination.

Before & After Otoplasty Photos
Before & After Otoplasty Photos

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Dr. Anthony Corrado Discusses Otoplasty

In children, it is suggested to perform otoplasty before the child begins school to avoid peer teasing and ridicule which may adversely affects a child’s self-image. The procedure can be safely performed on a healthy child at any time after 4 years of age. This early intervention helps to prevent emotional scarring.

Otoplasty Procedure Facts

Surgical Goals:

To reposition the protruding ears in a normal relationship to the head and face.

The Procedure:

The procedure is performed through a well hidden incision made behind the ear. Specialized sutures are used to “pin” the ears back to a more natural position. Additionally, cartilage removal and remodeling my also be performed. A small piece of the excess cartilage may be removed to create a more natural and longer lasting result. A compressive head wrap is placed at the end of the procedure to maintain ear position.


The procedure is performed under local anesthesia, oral or IV sedation can be administered for further relaxation.

Length of Time:

The procedure takes between 1-2 hours depending on the amount of remodeling necessary.

After the Procedure:

All patients are sent home the night after surgery, and are given a set of post procedure instructions to follow. A compressive head wrap will be placed and is not to be removed. Patients will follow up on the first post procedure day for a post procedure check. At that time the head wrap will most likely be removed. The patient will then follow up as directed by Dr. Corrado during the post procedure course.


The recovery period averages 7-10 days. When the compressive head wrap is removed patients are asked to wear an elastic athletic head band for several weeks to help maintain correct ear position during the healing process. Physical activity is reduced for the first 2 weeks. Contact athletics and helmet use are discouraged for 6-8 weeks. Any activity which puts the ears in jeopardy of trauma should be avoided.