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Septoplasty – Rhinoplasty South Jersey

Published on July 31, 2013 by

Rhinoplasty South Jersey

If you have a constant stuffy nose feeling, frequent nosebleeds, snoring issues, post-nasal drip, face pain, lessened ability to smell or taste, or sinus infections, you may have a deviated septum. This can occur as a result of traumatic nasal injuries or genetics. With its high success rate, septoplasty surgery is the preferred method for fixing a deviated septum permanently.

A septoplasty is a fairly common surgical procedure, a form of rhinoplasty that’s functional rather than cosmetic; this means that it’s done to improve the use of the nose rather than its appearance. Because of this, it may be covered by your health insurance.

A septoplasty begins with anesthesia (general or local), followed by the creation of a septum incision. Depending on the degree of access the surgeon needs, an external nose incision may also be necessary. The skin of the septum is moved away, exposing the underlying cartilage and bone. The surgeon cuts away and removes parts of these to create a straighter septum. After this, the skin is moved back into place, and the incisions are closed using surgical stitches.

To avoid breathing obstruction after the septoplasty, the nostrils are sometimes supported using temporary nasal splints. These splints will be removed once healing has occurred. The stitches are absorbable, so you won’t have to come back in to have them removed. The procedure generally takes 10 days at most to recover from.

Risks and potential side effects of a septoplasty include septal perforations (small hole in the septum), bleeding, scars, septal hematoma (excessive blood built up in the nose), and changes in the overall shape of the nose. If you experience these, speak with your physician to learn about treatment options.

If you’re on the fence about getting a septoplasty procedure, set up a consultation with our office. Dr. Anthony Corrado is a board-certified plastic surgeon with a great deal of rhinoplasty experience. Call or email today!