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Style Icon Nick Wooster’s Plastic Surgery Story

Published on April 25, 2017 by

In the March issue of Esquire magazine there was an article about Street Style Icon Nick Wooster having plastic surgery. He was very candid when speaking to writer Julia Black about having “work done.”

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Wooster decided to get a facelift about a year ago and said it was the best decision he ever made. At 56 years old Nick’s lower face and neck were starting to show signs of aging. He wasn’t thrilled with his turkey neck. He makes a living being photographed, so he felt it was important for his career to maintain a refreshed appearance.

The first hurdle for Wooster was finding a plastic surgeon, “This isn’t like finding a new dry cleaner – I needed someone I could trust.” As he mentioned in his interview, it is important to shop around for a plastic surgeon until you find the one that you know is right for you. One of the red flags to look for is the surgeon who will stop at nothing to get your business. This is a signal to run the other way. A plastic surgeon should also listen to your concerns and goals, while providing an honest opinion of what can and cannot be achieved through surgery. Wooster’s biggest fear was looking scary after surgery. He simply wanted to look like he went on vacation and came back well rested.

Once Wooster settled on a plastic surgeon, he moved forward with having surgery.  He had a lower face lift with neck lift, and chin augmentation to strengthen his jawline. After fully recovering and entering back into the public eye, he says that most people comment that he looks really fresh.

Nick is conscious about taking good care of himself. He exercises, watches what he eats, and takes supplements. He states that having plastic surgery was just another tool he used to keep looking his best. He tells Esquire that he knows some people will be disappointed with his decision to have plastic surgery, and he is okay with that. It was a personal choice and he knows it’s not for everyone. For him, it made sense, especially given he makes a living in front of the camera.

We found Nick Wooster’s article to be refreshing, especially since it comes from a public male figure. Wooster was brave to open up to Esquire magazine about having work done. While more and more and more men are having plastic surgery, few talk about it openly.  We hope this article will give some men out there the courage to pursue their aesthetic concerns.

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