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What your Lips say about You

Published on December 4, 2012 by

They say you can tell a lot about a person by how they kiss, but did you know that the print you leave when you kiss something reveals clues about your personality? Consider that the next time you put on the red lipstick, pucker up and kiss a letter, mirror or your partner.

The way people apply pressure with their lips says something about who they are, and it has nothing to do with lip shape. Two people with the same size mouths and full lips may leave very different lip prints. Just like people analyze handwriting, people who know what to look for find meaning in the shape of a lip print.

So what are your lips saying about you? Get out the lipstick and kiss a piece of paper find out.

Mouth Shape

If your print is a round shape, then you are someone who does not like confrontation. You prefer everyone to get along and be happy. A diamond shape lip print says you are successful, helpful, generous, and a good role model.

Upper and Lower Lips

If your print reveals a full upper lip, it means you are people’s confidante. Friends come to you for emotional support and advice. Conversely, a thin upper lip says you are innovative and organized but may be too picky. A full lower lip indicates someone who is well liked and a good communicator, whether speaking or with the written word. A thin lower lip indicates someone who has high analytical skills and is probably a numbers person.

Saturation Levels

How dark or light your lip print also means something. This is unrelated to the color of lipstick you may choose. Saturation refers to how much color came off your lips because of how much pressure you use in a kiss. If your lip print is dark, you are energetic and peppy. You are likely a good leader and may work to inspire others. Light saturation means it’s time to book a vacation. You are rundown, tired and in desperate need of “me” time.

Has all this lip analyzing made you realize you are not happy with the shape of your lips? Do not worry. There are plenty of surgical and nonsurgical ways to improve lip shape.

Step One – Set up an appointment with a board certified facial plastic surgeon. Choose someone who has experience with lip enhancing procedures and lip augmentation so you know that you are in good hands. You may be surprised with all the options a plastic surgeon can give you.

Step Two – Consider your options. Some of the nonsurgical choices include dermal fillers like Juvederm, Perlane and Resytlane. These fillers, of which include hyaluronic acid, act as inflated cushions to improve volume. Hyaluronic acid also brings water to the skin’s surface. These fillers can give your lips a plumper look with a minimally invasive and affordable procedure.

You may also discuss surgical options. Your plastic surgeon can be advice you on the right procedures for your goal. These may include lip lifts, such as a bull’s horn, commissure, gull wing, or suture suspension lift.

  • A bull’s horn lift is a lip lift for the upper lip. This is for people who think their upper lips are too long. Getting a bull horn lift shortens the distance between the upper lip and the nose, which reveals more tooth show when parting the lips slightly.
  • A gull wing lift also shortens the distance between the nose and the upper lift. It is sometimes called a Vermilion lift.
  • A commissure lip lift can raise droopy corners of your lips.
  • A suture suspension lift is less invasive than most surgical procedures and is popular for several parts of the body, including the breasts and buttocks. It can make your lips look fuller and reduce the distance from the upper lip to nose.

You can also consider implants, grafts and fat injections. The surgeon uses fat injections, and fat grafting give a fuller appearance to your mouth by injecting fat to plump up the lips. The fat from a graft comes from your own body and is purified before injection.

Once you decide what you want, set up the appointment, and your lips will tell a different story.