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Chin Implant Benefits

Published on December 4, 2012 by

A well-defined profile to many people in Cherry Hill, New Jersey is a primary source of self esteem. When people look in the mirror, they sometimes focus on their noses, ears, or even wrinkles around their eyes. But a lot of prospective patients, particularly men, see a weak chin as a real problem. Highly-trained plastic surgeons who specialize in nose jobs often suggest that changes in the chin’s shape may enhance the total profile. Chin implants can be used in conjunction with other facial surgeries, including rhinoplasty, in order to increase facial symmetries. A chin implant is a relatively straightforward procedure that has major benefits, including a permanent way to achieve a strong chin profile. Chin implants are easily performed with other surgeries including nose jobs and the variety of customized approaches that are available.

Aesthetic facial surgery augments and enhances the structure of your jaw, creating stronger chin contours. Chin implants help to make the chin wider and lengthen your face. Because every patient is unique, implants of variable shapes, sizes, and bio-compatible materials are available. The specific prosthetics are chosen depending on the desired results and the approach. The procedure itself involves an incision to create a specialized implant pocket to accommodate the material, which is placed directly over the bone along the lower jaw line. When using solid silicone implants for a chin augmentation, they are generally placed through a small incision made under the chin. When other fixed bio-compatible materials are used for chin surgery, an incision inside the mouth is utilized. Once inserted, the implant is secured and the incision is then closed.

Generally, the entire procedure takes less than an hour. Of course, it may take longer if the chin implant is performed in conjunction with other cosmetic procedures. After the surgery, tape is applied to the skin to assist in holding the implant in place during the recovery process. There are many benefits to receiving a chin implant and a stronger profile is usually at the top of the list.