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This delightful patient sought rhinoplasty in New Jersey with board certified facial plastic surgeon, Dr. Anthony Corrado.  The patient had multiple cosmetic nasal flaws which required corrected.  From a functional standpoint, the patient also suffered from bilateral nasal obstruction.  The displayed severe asymmetry of the nasal dorsum and tip.  The patient had a large dorsal hump.  The nasal tip was also asymmetric, overly bulbous, and over projected.  The patient also was found to have very thick nasal skin which would greatly hinder tip refinement.  The patient underwent septoplasty, as well as functional/cosmetic rhinoplasty surgery.  Following surgery, the patient achieved a smooth dorsal contour which greatly improved her profile.  The nose achieved a straighter appearance.  The tip was also refined to create a smaller and more symmetric appearance.  The patient also achieved a marked improvement in nasal function.  The patient was very pleased with her results.      

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