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This young woman sought Philadelphia Nose Job specialist, Dr. Anthony Corrado, for cosmetic and functional nasal enhancement. The patient was unhappy with several cosmetic nasal flaws. The patient felt the nasal dorsum was overly wide and crooked, with a dorsal hump. The patient was also unhappy with the wide appearance of the nasal tip. The patient also complained of chronic nasal obstruction which was caused by a severely deviated nasal septum. The patient underwent septoplasty and rhinoplasty for both functional, as well as cosmetic nasal improvement. The severity of the septal deviation required septal reconstruction to allow the patient to be able to breathe more freely. Rhinoplasty included dorsal hump reduction, osteotomies, spreader grafting, as well as tip refinement with cartilage grafting and suture techniques. Following surgery, the patient achieved a very favorable transformation and was very please with her new look. She also reported much improved breathing through her nasal passages. She was very happy with her results.

*Individual results may vary.

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