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This patient underwent septoplasty, turbinate reduction, and open rhinoplasty. The septoplasty and turbinate reduction were performed to straighten the patient’s crooked nasal septum and open up her nasal airway allowing her better nasal breathing. The rhinoplasty portion of the case dealt with improving the overall cosmetic appearance of the nose by reducing the size and shape of the nose to allow better aesthetic balance with her face. The large “hump” along the patient’s nasal dorsum was reduced. The width of the upper two thirds of the nose corresponding to the nasal “bridge” was narrowed. The bulkiness and fullness of the nasal tip was reduced resulting in a much more refined cosmetic appearance. The hanging tip was also “turned up” giving the tip better profile appearance.

Her surgery was with rhinoplasty surgeon Dr. Anthony Corrado located in the Philadelphia area.

*Individual results may vary.

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