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This patient presented for ethnic rhinoplasty consultation. The patient was unhappy with the wide appearance of her nasal tip, as well as the flare of her nostrils. She was also unhappy with the bulbous (overly round) character of her nasal tip. These complaints are very common in patients seeking ethnic rhinoplasty. The patient sought ethnic rhinoplasty surgery to help reduce the size of her tip and nostrils, while also providing added tip definition. The patient underwent surgery with Philadelphia ethnic rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Anthony Corrado. Following surgery, the patient’s nose was in better harmony with her face. The width of the nasal tip was reduced. The nasal tip was slimmer with more tip definition. The nostril width was smaller after correction of nostril flare with alar base reduction surgery. The patient was very pleased with her results.

*Individual results may vary.

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