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This gentleman presented for cosmetic and functional nasal evaluation. The patient had a history of nasal injuries while playing sports during his high school days. He was unhappy with the overly wide appearance of his nasal dorsum (nasal bridge). He had a small hump on the bridge of his nose, most likely caused by nasal trauma. He was also unhappy with the wide appearance of his nostrils and the bulbous (overly round) character of the nasal tip. From a functional standpoint, the patient had complaints of chronic nasal obstruction with difficulty breathing through his nose. The patient underwent cosmetic and functional nasal surgery by top Philadelphia rhinoplasty surgeon, Dr. Anthony Corrado. The patient’s nasal dorsum was narrowed to better fit his face. The dorsal hump was also smoothed to improve the nasal profile. The nasal tip was refined to appear slimmer. Alar base reduction was also performed to reduce the width of the nostrils. Nasal septoplasty was performed to correct a deviated nasal septum. Following surgery the patient was very pleased with his cosmetic results, as well as his ability to breathe better through his nose.

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